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Risky Tips [With Kate Quigley]: Reeling in a New Relationship Without Scaring Them Off – Mandatory


Risky Tips [With Kate Quigley]: Reeling in a New Relationship Without Scaring Them Off
In this week's Risky Tips, comedian Kate Quigley addresses the age-old wives tales of monogamy and what to do when you're on the brink of exclusivity in a new relationship. How do you reel them in? Kate has a few suggestions, some riskier than others.

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Private dinner parties are going to be popular in London as well. It is now so expensive to go out in London that a lot of people have started to avoid it altogether. Instead they take turns cooking indoors and inviting other friends to their homes. The cost of the wine is normally shared, and one of the girls here at Acton escorts who is really good at cooking does through some really good parties. If I could cook as well as she can, I would have dinner parties as well.

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